Wyoming has the distinction of being in the top fifth of all states by land size, but it is also the least populated state in the country. This means that the Cowboy State has some of the most beautiful, wide-open spaces in the West. Much of western portion of the state is covered by the Rocky Mountains, while the eastern portion is home to many cattle ranches, one of the main industries of the state.

Wyoming could seem like one of the least interesting states in the country, a status possibly evident by its “square” appearance. In numerous polls, however, Wyoming residents have been found to be some of the wealthiest on average and some of the happiest people in the entire country. Even these stats, however, don’t prevent Wyoming from having its share of drug abuse.

Here are several facts about the state of drug addiction and drug rehab in Wyoming.

Drug Abuse Information & Statistics in Wyoming

Wyoming has a rank in the top 10 for drug dependence. Here is information on what substance abuse problems the state is struggling with:

  • Wyoming is one of the top ten states for illegal drug dependence among 12 to 17-year-olds.
  • 7.07 percent of Wyoming residents admit to using illegal drugs in the past month, which is lower than the average of 8.82 percent of Americans in general.
  • The number of Wyoming residents that die as a direct result of their drug use is lower than the national average. In Wyoming, 11.6 out of every 100,000 people die as a direct result of using drugs, whereas the national average is 12.8 people per 100,000.

Drugs of Abuse in Wyoming

It’s not a very populated state, but Wyoming still has drug abuse problems. Here are specific examples of different drugs that are abused in the state.

  • Marijuana is the most popular drug in Wyoming. Currently, 50 percent of all drug treatment in the state is devoted to this drug.
  • Meth is the second most popular drug in the state. After explosive growth for much of the last two decades, meth has started to fall off in the past eight years. While it was more popular than marijuana for three years in the middle of the past decade, meth has now dropped to being responsible for only 30 percent of all drug treatment in the state.
  • Heroin, cocaine and crack use have all dropped precipitously in Wyoming. They have never been extremely popular in the state, but they are now each responsible for only a few percentage points of all drug treatment in Wyoming.
  • Prescription drug abuse has grown in the state in the past five years. After being responsible for only a few percentage points of all drug treatment in the state, it has now grown to 12 percent.

Drug Abuse News in Wyoming

You can’t always predict the strange effects that drugs and drug abuse will create. This week a student at Casper College in Wyoming returned to his vehicle to find three loaves of bread mysteriously sitting on the passenger seat. He called police who examined the bread and found that it was contaminated with LSD, a hallucinogenic drug. Police do not currently have any theory as to how the bread came to be contaminated with LSD or why it was put in the student’s vehicle. Whether the drug was abandoned by someone who had planned to eat it or if it was an attempt to get the student in trouble, it’s just one example of how bizarre life can become when drugs are involved.

More Information on Wyoming Drug Treatment Options

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