Tennessee is well known for its development of many of the most popular forms of American music. Nashville and Memphis are both a major part of the growth of country music, and the state was also a birthplace and breeding ground for blues and rock and roll. Due to its long history of developing these art forms, Nashville, Tennessee is still the heart of country music today. It’s the home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and you haven’t really made it in country until you’ve played at the city’s Grand Ole Opry. 

Outside of music, Tennessee still has a large place in American history. It’s called the Volunteer State because of the large number of volunteer soldiers that turned out to defend the country in the War of 1812. Tennessee later was the last state to secede from the Union during the Civil War.

The state’s economy is largely based on agriculture and textile production, and this may have contributed to it having one of the lower average household incomes in the country. Whenever an area has low incomes, this can contribute to increased rates of drug abuse, but Tennessee has managed to still have lower rates of abuse than many other areas of the country. Here are several other facts about the state of drug addiction and drug rehab in Tennessee.

Tennessee Drug Facts and Statistics

The primary drug facts and statistics in the state of Tennessee are:

  • Tennessee has had a 178 percent increase in meth lab seizure incidents over the past several years, from 828 incidents in 2008 to 2,302 incidents in 2011.
  • 7.07 percent of Tennessee residents admit to using illegal drugs in the past month, which is lower than the national average of 8.82 percent of Americans in general.
  • The number of Tennessee residents that die as a direct result of their drug use is higher than the national average. In Tennessee, 15.9 out of every 100,000 people die as a direct result of using drugs, whereas the national average is 12.8 people per 100,000.

Drugs Abused in Tennessee

The following information shows the rates at which different drugs are being used in Tennessee.

  • Marijuana has never been the most popular drug in Tennessee. It has averaged being responsible for between 20 to 30 percent of all drug treatment admissions for the past twenty years.
  • Cocaine and crack used to be the most popular drugs in the state, but they have been steadily declining and are now responsible for about 18 percent of all drug treatment admissions.
  • Meth usage has been growing in the state. It has risen to 10 percent of all admissions, a large increase over the last twenty years from being virtually nonexistent.
  • Prescription drug abuse is now the main form of abuse in the state. It is now responsible for about 41 percent of all drug treatment admissions.

Tennessee Drug News

The state is currently dealing with a gigantic surge in the number of newborns being delivered already dependent on drugs. When a fetus is developing, it shares its digestive and circulatory system with its mother. So, if the mother is using drugs, so is the baby. If current trends in Tennessee stay steady, more than 800 infants may be born already addicted to drugs by the end of the year. This is an epidemic that needs immediate action if we want it to stop.

More Information on Tennessee Drug Treatment

If you need help with a friend or family member that is using drugs, or if you are having trouble with an addiction to drugs yourself, contact us to get information about rehabilitation solutions in your area.

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