Michigan is a fascinating state, both in its array of geography and its continued importance in the development and history of the United States. The state consists of two peninsulas bounded by four of the five Great Lakes. This leads the state to having a huge number of recreational boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. The state also has a large amount of almost untouched natural terrain, especially in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula.

In addition to this beautiful geography, Michigan has been very important as the center of the United State’s auto industry. It was here that Henry Ford laid down the basis of the Ford Motor Company that was the leader in the world’s automobile production for many years. In recent times, however, the state has fallen on harder times and drug use has continued to spread far and wide.

Michigan Drug Use Statistics 

The following are drug use statistics for the state of Michigan:

  • Michigan is one of the top ten states in the country for use of any illegal drug in the past month in people aged 26 or older.
  • 10.37 percent of Michigan residents use drugs on a monthly basis. This is higher than the national average of 8.82 percent of Americans.
  • Like several east cost states, heroin is responsible for the majority of treatment admissions in Michigan.
  • The number of drug-induced deaths in Michigan is much higher than the national average. It is currently at 17.6 deaths per 100,000 population, whereas in the rest of the country the figure is 12.8 deaths per 100,000 population.

Drugs of Abuse in Michigan

Michigan, like the rest of the country has experienced its own series of drug and alcohol addiction problems, which include:

  • Marijuana climbed and then fell in its percentage of all drug treatment admissions in the state. In 1992 it sat at less than 20 percent of admissions before climbing up to almost 35 percent. It has slowly been declining, however, and currently sits before 30 percent.
  • Cocaine and crack used to be responsible for about 50 percent of all drug treatment admissions in Michigan during the drug’s heyday in the early 90s. It has plummeted in popularity, however, and the drug is now responsible for only about 15 percent of all drug treatment admissions in the state.
  • Prescription painkillers are shooting up in popularity and addiction levels. About 25 percent of all treatment admissions are now centered on painkiller addiction.
  • Heroin has steadily climbed in abuse rates, and it now leads all other drugs at over 30 percent of all admissions for treatment.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevalent Among Young People in Michigan

University studies conclude that almost 2 million people in America are addicted to painkillers. The prevalence of prescription opioids is a rampant and rising infirmity amongst young people and can often lead to prolonged substance abuse. According to studies, adults were more susceptible to becoming addicted to painkillers but teens were the key to the case study because of the circumstances of not medically beginning their usage. Roughly 8 percent of teens used have misused painkillers, as gathered by studies conducted in schools with a recent study showing a 2 percent increase. 12 percent of teens continue prescription drug abuse from the ages of 18-24 also according to the study. It is also stated that teens that become habitual users of prescription drugs are also said to engage in other destructive behavior.

In comparison to non-users of opioids, those who did were 4 times more times likely to binge drink alcohol and 17 times more likely to use marijuana. Many misuses of drugs come from emergency room visits where young people are likely to sight ailments such as a sprained ankle, or a fever to seek out prescriptions. In 2009 cases of likened misuse of prescription opioid, numbers rose to 475,000 people according to the survey.

Michigan Drug Treatment Sources & Resources

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