Indiana is one of a group of states that straddles the line between Midwestern country living and the big city life of multiple large cities that surround the great lakes. It may be that this distribution of population and lifestyles has a lot to do with patterns of drug use in the state. The combination of big city drug use and country meth production is difficult for law enforcement to contain.

While the number of Indiana residents using drugs is slightly lower than the national average, reports indicate that the drug use engaged in is riskier for residents. The number of Indiana citizens that actually die as a result of their drug use is higher than the national average by several percentage points. Part of this is probably due to the number of people that are using meth in the state, a number that has started to climb again after several years of successfully declining numbers.

Facts About Indiana Drug Use Rates

The state of Indiana has a few different drug abuse threats that are affecting the state on a continual basis. Meth labs continue to be a problem as well as painkiller abuse and other illicit drug abuse problems like cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine

  • The number of meth labs found and broken up by law enforcement is on the rise, showing that more labs are being created in the state than ever before. In 2008, law enforcement only seized 739 labs, but in 2011 this number was up 94 percent to 1,432 labs.
  • Indiana is in the top ten of states for several categories of drug usage. For example, the state is in this category for the number of residents over the age of 12 using painkillers illegally. It is also in the top ten for people over the age of 26 using drugs in general.
  • 8.44 percent of Indiana residents admit to using illegal drugs in the past month. This is slightly lower than the national average of 8.82 percent.

Drugs that are Being Used in Indiana

Some of the primary drugs that are being used in Indiana are marijuana, prescription drugs, meth use and heroin.  Recent news from indicates that prescription drug abuse is rising and is now higher than the national average in the country. The specific statistics on these are:

  • Marijuana has continued to be the most popular drug in the state, with the rate of admission for treating the drug at about 35 percent of all drug treatment admissions.
  • Another rising drug use threat in the state is prescription painkillers, which are now responsible for almost 20 percent of all drug treatment admissions.
  • Meth use is responsible for just over 10 percent of drug treatment admissions. Despite the large amount of meth being produced in the state, only a tenth of serious drug treatment currently centers on the drug.
  • Heroin is responsible for about the same rate of drug treatment admissions as meth, at about 10 percent.

Indiana Drug Treatment Options for Recovery

Indiana has a variety of different options for drug and alcohol treatment throughout the state. Some of these include:

  1. Christian drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities
  2. Teen drug rehab programs and alcohol treatment options
  3. Residential treatment in Indiana
  4. Outpatient care
  5. Short term programs (less than 30 days)
  6. Dual diagnosis programs

Finding the right program is key in the rehab process and when researching a program a person should look at all the components that can make the center successful including staff professionalism, credentials, facility safety and cleanliness and recovery rate.

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