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Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida and sits on Tampa Bay.  The city itself has a population nearing 350,000, and the surrounding Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area has more than 2.9 million residents.  This makes the area the second largest metropolitan statistical area in the state, and the fourth largest in the southeast.

According to a 2009 Pew Research Center study Tampa ranks as the fifth most popular American city based on where people want to live.  It was also ranked the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes, and was ranked as a top city for twenty-somethings by the NYU newspaper.  The population growth in the area is a strong indication that these high rankings are warranted as the region adds roughly 97,000 new residents per year.

Tampa is home to sports teams from the National Football League, and the National Hockey League.  Major League Baseball’s the Tampa Bay Rays also play their home games in neighboring St. Petersburg, Florida.

Tampa Bay Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Like all major US cities Tampa experiences problems with substance abuse.  Overall Florida residents abuse alcohol and illicit drugs at a rate similar to the national average of 8 percent.  The region experiences unique problems as well, and understanding the primary substances of Tampa drug rehab center admissions helps to understand the drug problem in the area.

The top two substances for these admissions continue to be alcohol and marijuana.  Since these are the most widely used addictive substances throughout the world it is no surprise that more people enter rehab for them.  Both alcohol and pot have a high incidence of dependence in regular users, and both can be very difficult to quit without professional help.

The remaining primary treatment admissions in Tampa are for prescription pain killers, cocaine, heroin, and stimulants such as methamphetamine.  These drugs generally follow trends based on availability and demand.  While cocaine use has dropped in many areas of the country it still has remained popular in Florida.  Due to the fact that the state has been a transportation route for the drug from South America and Mexico to points north, the cocaine problem is not likely to completely disappear.

In the past decade Florida has seen an increase in both methamphetamine production and use.  The drug became popular as a cheaper alternative to cocaine, and has an associated addiction that is equally devastating.  Meth can produced in makeshift labs almost anywhere, and this combined with increased cartel production has made it the most popular drug in the outlying rural regions.  Meth addiction can be nearly impossible to overcome without help, and for this reason Tampa drug rehab centers are the best chance users have for long-term recovery.

Florida has also become known as a hotbed of prescription painkiller abuse and addiction.  In fact the problem had escalated to epidemic proportions which prompted legislation to help curb over prescription by what are known as pill mills.  These pain management clinics were known to prescribe highly addictive opioid pain relievers such as hydrocodone and oxycodone with little oversight until recently.  The crackdown has been effective for limiting the supply of these medications in the Tampa area, but some critics say that lawmakers have come up short when it comes to addressing the high number of local addicts.

In a recent report The Tampa Tribune claims that a number of experts warn that heroin is primed to become the area’s next epidemic.  Heroin use affects the same part of the brain that prescription painkillers do, and this means that pill addicts can switch to heroin for relief when they are unable to find pills.  Heroin is also a cheaper option, and the report says the price has declined over the past two years.  Experts go on to say that heroin is the most highly addictive drug around, and that means Tampa drug rehab centers may be user’s only option once they have been introduced to the drug.

How Tampa Drug Treatment Centers Can Help Solve the Area’s Drug Problem

Addiction in a complex condition and that rarely goes away without some form of treatment.  Physical dependence occurs with regular use, and this causes a chain reaction of symptoms that work together to keep addicts using.  Whether the individual drinks alcohol or takes illicit drugs, the results are always the same.  The body adjusts to the substance and then the user will find it very hard to quit.  Physical and psychological symptoms can occur for months after the individual stops using, and can make it nearly impossible to maintain sobriety without support.

Tampa drug rehab centers understand addiction and all the related symptoms.  They use a comprehensive approach to not only help users stop, but also teach them skills that can help them stay stopped.  These centers are available in a variety of options which are designed to fit with the individual needs that substance abusers have.  There are many options to choose from and there are treatment professionals who can help you through the process.

While drugs will always be available in society addiction does not have to be a part of your life.  Find the help you need today, and learn what millions of other ex-addicts know.  All addicts can live a drug-free life if they are willing to address their problem.  Find the right Tampa drug rehab center and start the process of recovery today.

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