For better or worse, Delaware is a state that is often forgotten about and ignored. It’s a (relatively) small sliver of land that juts up against the Atlantic Ocean, and many people across the country don’t know that much about it. As with many other potentially dangerous areas of life, not knowing much about something can come back to bite you later.

Delaware has, in fact, a worse drug problem (for its size) that many other states. The percentage of Delaware residents that used drugs in the past month was 8.48. This was slightly lower than the national average of 8.82. Even though the average is slightly lower, there is still a lot of work to be done. Delaware residents shouldn’t imagine that drug abuse can’t happen to them or someone they know.

Drug Use Statistics in Delaware

According to reports from Delaware Online there are major problems in the state with prescription drugs as well as ‘low priced heroin.’ Another report from Delaware Online indicates that there is also a meth problem affecting the state through mini meth labs that have been set up in rural and suburban areas in Delaware.

Here are some of the other statistics on the Delaware drug problem:

  • Delaware has more drug-caused deaths than the national average.
  • Delaware is in the top 10 of states that have problems with teens ages 12 to 17 smoking weed.
  • The state is also in the top 10 states when counting the number of both teens that are addicted to drugs and adults 18 to 25 that are addicted to illegal drugs.
  • 139 people died from using drugs in Delaware in 2009. This is higher than the rate of deaths from auto accidents (107) and firearms (76) during that year.

Specific Drugs of Abuse in Delaware

The following are the specific drugs of abuse in the state of Delaware:

  • Delaware is doing very well in several areas in terms of reducing drug abuse rates and the need to treat residents for their addiction. Cocaine and crack, for instance, used to compose over 60% of the state’s drug problem. Today, they account for less than 10 percent.
  • Heroin use has also been on a downtrend in the state since 1997, and the drug only accounts for about 25 percent of the drug treatment admissions now.
  • Marijuana use has been steadily increasing as long as the survey has been taken. Over 30 percent of the treatment admissions are now there to try to get help with smoking weed.
  • Opioids such as prescription painkillers are making a huge surge currently. After bumping along the bottom of the graph for years, they have now surge up into abuse since 2005. After this surge, opioids are now on par with marijuana for the most-abused drugs in the state.

Delaware Drug Treatment Options

There are several different choices for drug treatment in Delaware; with the goal in mind of helping those addicted to reclaim their lives from the dangers and devastation of addiction. Some of the options for treatment in Delaware that includes not only residential inpatient facilities, traditional 12 step programs, outpatient treatment and aftercare options. There are several things that one should look for when finding the right program which include:

  • Results rate for recovery (outcome)
  • Facility set up, safety and cleanliness
  • Professional, certified staff
  • An adaptable and doable treatment curriculum
  • The right approach for the specific addiction problem and individual based on personal needs for improvement
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