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How to Overcome Drug Dependency One Step at a Time

Drug addiction, dependency or alcoholism are massive issues for those under their influence. There are usually more problems in an addict’s life than they can easily confront, and that’s the basis for the continuation of the addiction. As with most problems in life, it’s difficult to take on the entire problem in one effort and expect successful results. Breaking the addiction, the decisions that lead to the addiction and problems in your life down to smaller pieces or steps makes the larger problem much easier observe and fix. Take a look at these steps to see how an addiction can be overcome.

Recognizing the Drug Problem – Now is the Time

One of the most important aspects of overcoming an addiction is recognizing that there’s really a problem that has to stop. The desire to change is the fire that will keep you pushing towards recovery. You have to want to quit for yourself. Not because someone told you to.

Be Honest

Let people know that you have an addiction. It’s much easier to be honest with oneself when you’re honest with those around you.

Join a Group

There are many online groups for people that are trying to get clean and sober and they are supported by former addicts or professionals that can help you with questions you might face as you overcome the addiction.

Patience is a Virtue

This is one of the tougher steps towards recovery because there are no shortcuts to sobriety. It can take over three months to get the chemicals out of one’s body and not crave the drug or alcohol anymore.

Remove the Temptations & the Access to Drugs & Alcohol

This is one of the easier steps. You just have to get rid of the drugs and alcohol in your vicinity. Without removing the alcohol or drugs, the close proximity of your addiction will sit on your thoughts. Furthermore, you also need to remove the people from your life that are supplying you with drugs or alcohol. This could mean not hanging out with certain people, or doing different activities with your drinking buddies.

Get Healthy – Get Active – Get Clean

Stock up on healthy foods, decide to go running and focus on keeping a healthier lifestyle. Getting active and eating better will help your body fight off the chemical urges of the drugs or alcohol that are stuck in your body.

Get Rehab

Find a rehab center. They can help you decide if you need to consider entering rehab and most centers offer data or resources to help fight off addiction.

Surround Yourself with Reliable Friends

Surround yourself with individuals that don’t do drugs or alcohol. Being around people that are supportive can help a great deal while you’re recovering. They’ll help fill your time in a positive way and help you build a lifestyle without drugs.

Identify Urges

Find out what places, people, emotions, etc. actually cause you to think about using drugs or drinking. Knowing the nature of the beast will help you overcome alcohol or drug dependency issues. You can take special care to avoid those items that trigger your addiction impulses.

Get Smart about Recovery

Educate yourself on the effects the addiction can have on your body. The more you look into the effects, the more real the issues will be to yourself rather than someone else telling you or admonishing you.

Emergency Plans

Develop a plan for when you feel yourself about to relapse. It could be calling a friend or a series of activities like taking a walk or shopping to take your mind off the urges.

Once you start attacking the addiction one step at a time, you can focus on those smaller victories. The more effective you are at completing one step, one goal or one day at a time, the more effective you’ll be at beating the addiction.

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