Lazy teen boy

Is My Child Lazy or Does He Have a Marijuana Problem?

Coping with drug addiction is a dangerous and stressful situation to handle. It can be a nerve racking situation to find yourself in if you suspect, but are unsure whether or not your child is abusing drugs. Statistics show that the teenage years are most likely when children experience drugs or alcohol for the first time. It is also a time where most children, dealing with the changes of their bodies, begin to be more and more rebellious. Most parents find it difficult to get the truth out of their children and are often skeptical of when they are lying or not. As much as parents want to believe they ‘know’ their children, during these teenage years they can seem like aliens. There are several tips and signs that parents can look for to determine if their child is abusing drugs. Marijuana has recently been taken off the top of the gateway drug mountain. Prescription drug abuse is now the most commonly used first drug of choice. That does not mean that marijuana is safe or not used by teenagers. Here are some signs that your child is abusing marijuana.


Marijuana is a sensitive topic in this 21st century country. It has become so popular that it is legal to use, both medically and recreationally, in many states. Marijuana is a plant that is often smoked using papers, a pipe or a type of water bong. The drug can also be ingested with food or taken in liquid form. Marijuana causes a high that is characterized by hunger, laziness, red eyes, cough, paranoia and sometimes uncontrollable laughter. Parents worried that their children are abusing marijuana, and not just lazy, should look for these various signs.

Signs of Marijuana Use

Visine is a chemical used to treat red, blurry eyes. Most teenagers do not need Visine to help them with eye irritation because most teenagers do not suffer from this. Teenagers who abuse marijuana need Visine to hide how red and glassy their eyes become after smoking marijuana. Parents who find Visine in their children’s clothing or in the wash have a cause for concern.

A clear and indisputable sign of marijuana abuse are rolling papers, pipes, tin foil, fruit with holes or bongs found in their child’s possession. Rolling papers are small white papers that are used to roll cigarettes or marijuana ‘joints’. Finding pipes or bongs means that your child is abusing marijuana because no one uses these things for tobacco; even if they did tobacco is bad for your anyway. Tin foil or fruit that have been turned into smoking devices are easy to detect because they will not resemble normal fruit or use of tin foil.

Changes in behavior are clear signs of marijuana use and not laziness. Teens can be lazy; especially with the amount of time they spend on their phones or in front of video games. Teenagers who lose interest in normal activities like sports or extracurriculars could be abusing marijuana. When teenagers isolate themselves from their friends or families is a clear sign of a problem. If your children also change friends they could be abusing marijuana. It is important to know who your child’s friends are to know what they could be up to.

If your child appears to be high, then they probably are. Teenagers with red, glassy eyes, slower speech or uncontrollable hunger are abusing marijuana. If you catch your child high it is important that you do not confront them until they are no longer feeling the effects of the drug. the best way to prevent and/or detect if your teenager is abusing marijuana is to stay involved in their lives. Proactive parents, who require their children to spend more than one night a week at the dinner table for a conversation, are less likely to have children who abuse drugs. Keeping your children active is great, especially when you show interest in their activities.