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My Child is Using Drugs: What Should I Do

For a parent, perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to one is to find out that one’s child, no matter their age, is abusing drugs or alcohol.  Whether one’s seventeen year old son is becoming addicted to marijuana, one’s twenty-four year old daughter is drinking too much so as to fit in at college, or one’s thirty year old son is abusing pain drugs as a result of a work injury, nothing quite tops the grief, anguish, and sorrow faced by a parent when they learn the truth about their offspring’s addictive behavior.  Perhaps the only thing that tops this is actually a death in the family, and sadly this is often what happens when addiction is involved.

My Child: A Drug Addict?

For most parents, they are at a complete loss for what to do when they find out that their son or daughter is actually a drug or alcohol addict.  This is truly uncomfortable and saddening for them, and it creates a situation that entails so much shock and grief that most parents are completely flummoxed and cannot think of what to do.  To help guide parents in the right direction, some tips are included below to help guide parents in the right direction:

• Prepare yourself.  It is important to get yourself in hand before trying to deal with the problem.  This is a big thing to confront.  First, don’t panic and don’t overreact, especially around the drug user.  Be calm.  Gather information.  Find out exactly what is going on with the individual.  The better understanding one has of the situation the better the parent will be able to handle and address it.

• Create the right environment.  This can mean everything.  Picking when, where, and how you will bring up the issue of drug or alcohol abuse with your kid is critical and can make the difference between success and failure.  Pick an environment and a time where and when the individual will be most amicable to discussing treatment options.

• Develop a game plan.  Sit down and talk to other family members and loved ones about how to approach the individual in such a way to give the best chances and odds at convincing the kid to stop using drugs and alcohol and to go to rehab.  It’s often wise to include more than one individual in this effort.

Here Are The Facts on Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction and abuse is one of the worst trials faced by the current youth of the nation.  To better prepare parents, listed below are some of the substances and some of the states that go along with them that are most commonly abused by children, teens, and young adults:

• Suffocation, inhaling fluid, vomit into the lungs, and accidents each cause about fifteen percent of deaths linked to inhalant abuse, a type of drug abuse that is now being done by young teens in every U.S. state in the nation.

• Sadly, 55% of deaths linked to inhalant abuse are caused by Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome.  SSDS can occur on the first use or any use for that matter.  Abusing inhalants is quite literally playing roulette with one’s life.

• The common hallucinogenic, Salvia leads to approximately 5,000 emergency room visits each and every year.

• On the subject of hallucinogenics, approximately eleven percent of high school seniors surveyed last year had used LSD at least once that year.

• Furthermore, approximately seven percent of high school seniors surveyed last year had used a hallucinogen other than LSD or PCP too.

• Finally, approximately three percent of high school seniors surveyed last year had used PCP alone.  All in all, hallucinogenics are very popular amongst young adults, particularly young adults in school.

When you find out your son or daughter is using drugs, you may feel sad, scared or even embarrassed. No matter what else is going on, the first step should be reaching out to a qualified professional to get help for them. Addiction can be resolved, but the solution lies in effective treatment.