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7 Tips For Stopping Summer Drug Use

Staying clean and sober from addiction in the summer time is often a tough thing to do for those who are in recovery from addiction.  Maintaining sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol is often tricky, especially when the summer time often creates environments when these activities would tend to be a lot more common

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5 Tips For Parents With A Child In Rehab

Having a child in rehab is never easy.  The constant worry, the fear that it won’t work, the threat of relapse, not being able to talk to them every day, it all adds up to being pretty upsetting and pretty nerve wracking in general.  Parents stress out about their kids so much, and a parent

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The Role of Nutrition in Drug Treatment

Nutrition is probably one of the most important yet most underrated aspects of drug and alcohol addiction recovery that there is.  This is the key factor that so many recovering addicts and that so many rehab centers are missing out on.  When someone abuses drugs and alcohol for a long enough of a period of