Drug Addiction

The Teacher’s Guide to Substance Abuse Prevention: Using Local News and Experts to Make a Difference in Your Community

Photo courtesy of Pixabay A key element in addiction prevention is youth intervention. Research has shown that substance abuse can start as soon as age 12, and early abuse often leads to greater drug involvement. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to combat youth drug culture and media influence. There are many different techniques for teaching

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Recognizing the Stages of Addiction

The Regular Habit After the fun and games period, everything starts to get just a little more serious. This is called the, “Regular Habit”, stage. Ever notice how a constant cigarette smoker will often inconvenience himself or others to be able to go out and have a cigarette? That is an addiction to cigarettes, and


How Open Should Discussions Be About Drug Addiction

According to research reported on by the National Crime Prevention Council, the primary reason that a young person will avoid using drugs, alcohol or cigarettes is because of his or her parents. The influence that parents have on shaping a child’s beliefs, opinions, habits and behaviors would be difficult to overestimate, especially against the background


Talking to Your Children About Addiction

Since the 1980’s deaths from drug addiction have doubled in the United States. In fact, there are more people losing their lived from substance abuse and addiction right now than any other preventable health condition (ref: DrugAbuse.gov – Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse). Anyone addicted should seek help through a professional rehabilitation program. But, how

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How to Overcome Drug Dependency One Step at a Time

Drug addiction, dependency or alcoholism are massive issues for those under their influence. There are usually more problems in an addict’s life than they can easily confront, and that’s the basis for the continuation of the addiction. As with most problems in life, it’s difficult to take on the entire problem in one effort and

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The Top 10 Health Effects of Drug Abuse

Some individuals who take drugs do so in order to mask a problem in their life, whether physical or emotional.  Much like pushing messy clothes under the bed serves only to hide the problem and not resolve it, taking drugs also temporarily and artificially hides the problem.  They don’t resolve them and they create a