co-worker addiction

What to Do if a Coworker Has a Drug Problem

There is no arguing the fact that an individual who is abusing or addicted to drug substances is experiencing damaging effects in their relationships, health and life as a result.  In addition to this, the individual is also struggling with their weakened self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem.  It is no wonder, then, that many drug addicts

prescription drug abuse

5 Signs a Family Member Has a Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug abuse and addiction problems have reached epidemic proportions in our country, with many teenagers making them their drug of choice.  The fact that these drugs are FDA approved, doctor recommended and usually easily accessible in home medicine cabinets have made them appealing to individuals who honestly don’t understand just how dangerous they are.

addicted parent

5 Tips for Approaching a Parent About Their Addiction

It’s no secret that all children, even adult children, rely upon their parents for their basic needs and much of their direction and emotional support in life.  Where a child’s parents are sane, healthy and happy, this is often a mutually beneficial relationship–though there can obviously still be periods of difficulty and challenge.  Where a

money and addiction

What Money Problems Are Indications of Drug Addiction

Perhaps the most obvious sign of drug addiction is the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual deterioration.  However, these are not by any means the only damaging effects of drug use, as these chemical substances can actually dictate the individual’s every thought, decision and action.  One of the lesser considered by still quite damaging effects caused

things that drug addicts do

10 Things Drug Addicts Do

Drug addiction is an overwhelming and complex problem that most individuals are certain will never happen to them.  It is therefore quite upsetting when one actually does fall into the trap of drug addiction, and few individuals know what to do about it.  It is not unusual for a drug addict to attempt to isolate

the stages of addiction

How to Recognize the Stages of Addiction

Have you ever had a friend who couldn’t “relax” until she’d had a drink? What about the guy who insisted he “didn’t need” a drink every night, he just wanted one. Or the friend that was “not addicted” to drugs, just liked to occasionally party? Chances are, you are dealing with an addict. If you