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nutrition in drug treatment

The Role of Nutrition in Drug Treatment

Nutrition is probably one of the most important yet most underrated aspects of drug and alcohol addiction recovery that there is.  This is the key factor that so many recovering addicts and that so many rehab centers are missing out on.  When someone abuses drugs and alcohol for a long enough of a period of

misunderstood words about addiction

The Most Misunderstood Words in Addiction Treatment

And what they mean…. Drug addiction can be incredibly powerful, dictating an individual’s every thought and action in life.  Where drugs initially were used to suppress a problem in the individual’s life, drugs become the main problem that all others stem from.  Drug addicts often live a reduced quality of life, and usually suffer from


5 Ways to Find the Best Drug Rehab Program

Individuals that are battling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol have a lot to think about.  The primary thing on their mind is probably a question.  What is going to happen to me when I stop taking this drug?  Other concerns are most likely related to the backlash going to rehab is going to

health effects

The Top 10 Health Effects of Drug Abuse

Some individuals who take drugs do so in order to mask a problem in their life, whether physical or emotional.  Much like pushing messy clothes under the bed serves only to hide the problem and not resolve it, taking drugs also temporarily and artificially hides the problem.  They don’t resolve them and they create a


5 Gifts You Never Give An Addicted Person

During the holidays, one is asked to help others less fortunate in many different ways, including donations of food, toys, clothing, money and more.  Since men have an innate desire to help others less fortunate they may want to give a dollar to a beggar on the street in the hopes that it will help

lies that drug addicts tell

10 Lies that Drug Addicts Tell

Anyone who has lived with an addict can attest to the fact that people who are living as drug addicts or alcoholics frequently tell lies. The longer that the person is an addict, the more he or she will be likely to become surrounded by a complex web of lies on top of lies to

talking to an addict

5 Ways to Talk to an Addict During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. The chance to give and receive gifts, spending extra time with extended family members, eating food that wouldn’t pass during the “normal times” in life, the holiday season is the time where everyone takes a break from the world. Granted, some family