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The Teacher’s Guide to Substance Abuse Prevention: Using Local News and Experts to Make a Difference in Your Community

Photo courtesy of Pixabay A key element in addiction prevention is youth intervention. Research has shown that substance abuse can start as soon as age 12, and early abuse often leads to greater drug involvement. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to combat youth drug culture and media influence. There are many different techniques for teaching

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Recognizing the Stages of Addiction

The Regular Habit After the fun and games period, everything starts to get just a little more serious. This is called the, “Regular Habit”, stage. Ever notice how a constant cigarette smoker will often inconvenience himself or others to be able to go out and have a cigarette? That is an addiction to cigarettes, and

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5 Signs You’re An Enabling Parent

There is no arguing that parenting is one of the most complex and difficult jobs in existence–and that’s when your child is generally healthy and happy.  When your child is suffering from a complex problem like drug addiction, parenting can become incredibly overwhelming, especially when you consider that most parents will do anything to help

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4 Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Marijuana

Regardless of how you may personally feel about the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana use, there is no arguing the fact that its increased availability and acceptability can make it appealing enough to many individuals, including teenagers, that they decide to give it a try.  According to a survey by the National Institute of

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Is Your Child At Risk for Medication Overdose

Despite the fact that most individuals are aware of the fact that medications can come with risks, it’s safe to say that many still don’t appreciate the true, intense dangers that these substances can pose.  After all, these medications are FDA-approved for medical use and doctor recommended to treat specific conditions–how could they possibly be

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Should I Have a Doctor Screen My Child for Drug Use

There is no doubt that being a parent is a difficult, albeit incredibly rewarding job.  The important thing to remember is that while there may always be some room for improvement, no one is absolutely perfect in working toward the main goal of parenting: raising a healthy, well-adjusted and intelligent child who can smoothly move