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7 Tips For Stopping Summer Drug Use

Staying clean and sober from addiction in the summer time is often a tough thing to do for those who are in recovery from addiction.  Maintaining sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol is often tricky, especially when the summer time often creates environments when these activities would tend to be a lot more common

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Five Emotions Every Family Faces With Addiction

Alcohol or drug addiction takes a toll on the addict or alcoholic, but also affects their family members negatively. As parents or loved ones watch and try to help, the addict can get worse and worse. The family members can go through a downward emotional spiral, much like the one the drug addict goes through.


How Open Should Discussions Be About Drug Addiction

According to research reported on by the National Crime Prevention Council, the primary reason that a young person will avoid using drugs, alcohol or cigarettes is because of his or her parents. The influence that parents have on shaping a child’s beliefs, opinions, habits and behaviors would be difficult to overestimate, especially against the background


3 Drug Abuse Quotes that Can Help With Recovery

When you’re going through recovery from drug abuse, you can often feel very alone. Drug abuse wrecks your body and your mind, and getting clean can be a long, hard journey. You may have alienated your family and friends during your addiction, driving away the people that you really need the support of most. Part

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5 Tips For Parents With A Child In Rehab

Having a child in rehab is never easy.  The constant worry, the fear that it won’t work, the threat of relapse, not being able to talk to them every day, it all adds up to being pretty upsetting and pretty nerve wracking in general.  Parents stress out about their kids so much, and a parent

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10 Signs Your Son or Daughter is on Heroin

It may seem far-fetched that someone you know may be using heroin, especially if that somebody is your own son or daughter.  But the fact of the matter is that heroin is more popular today than it ever has been, and it seems as though the trend is only increasing.  The average heroin user is

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10 Ways to Stop Opiate Use

Opiates have been used for centuries to treat and relieve pain.  Also known as narcotics, they can be either natural—or synthetic.  The natural opiates derived from the poppy plant are morphine, opium and codeine.  The man-made narcotics are called opioids, and like the opiates, are frequently used to treat severe or chronic pain.  Prescription painkillers


How Long Should Drug and Alcohol Treatment Take

American culture and society are built on principles of being effective and getting things done quickly and efficiently, but a negative consequence of this mindset is that we tend to try to rush things through. Drug rehab is no exception to this. Everyone wants to find the fastest and easiest solution possible for a problem,

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What Should Alcohol Bottles Really Tell You

While not everyone religiously checks the labels of everything they consume, many individuals do rely on the information that product labels provide in order to decide whether or not they want to consume it.  What if these labels are incomplete, misleading or just entirely wrong?  In the case of alcoholic beverages, labels that fail to