5 Ways to Find the Best Drug Rehab Program

Individuals that are battling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol have a lot to think about.  The primary thing on their mind is probably a question.  What is going to happen to me when I stop taking this drug?  Other concerns are most likely related to the backlash going to rehab is going to cause in their life.  What will people think?  Will my family think less of me?  What will my friends at work say when I’m not around?  While all of these questions seem important at first, the reality of the situation is that if an addict continues to use they will lose everything in one way or another anyways.  If they haven’t been already, everyone around them will be negatively affected by their drug or alcohol abuse, and will probably fall out of contact with the user for a variety of different reasons.

Because addiction causes so much turmoil in the addict’s life and the lives of everyone around them, most people who are close to the user will just be relieved that they have finally decided to do something about their problem.  They might not understand what a difficult decision it is for the substance abuser to make, but will undoubtedly be supportive of a positive life change.

How to Find the Best Drug Rehab

The purpose of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center is stop a person’s drug use and allow them to reenter their lives with the best possible chance of remaining clean, and living a productive and active life.  An ongoing challenge that rehab centers face is keeping clients in treatment long enough for them to achieve these goals.  Not every drug rehab is a good fit for every drug addict a treatment that works for person “A” might not be the right choice for person “B”.  That is why finding the right rehab center that is a good fit based on an addict’s individual needs is essential.

The extent and nature of the individual’s substance abuse is a determining factor in choosing an appropriate treatment.  You need to be upfront with a treatment center about everything that is going on with the addict in order to best find out if the treatment will be effective.  Addiction affects everyone a little differently, so the duration of treatment will also vary.  Most experts agree that clients who attend longer drug rehab programs do better, but this isn’t always an option for everyone.

To find the best drug rehab based on the addict’s individual needs remember to ask the following 5 things:

  1. Is the treatment program backed by results?  A good treatment program should be able to show a history of good results.  Check to see how they determine their statistics, and how they compare to other similar treatment programs.
  1. Does the program adjust the treatment based on individual needs? Since individual needs are so important make sure the program doesn’t apply a one-sized fits all approach.
  1. Is the program long enough?  Length of stay is an important factor, find out how long the addict will stay and what will happen before discharge.
  1. Will the program address all of the client’s issues and not just their drug use?  Addiction is complex and programs that address multiple aspects of client’s lives produce better results.
  1. Does the program provide additional services or follow-up care?  Sometimes things can get tricky when an addict returns home.  Find a rehab that offers some form of follow-up care to ensure the addict will not be left on their own when treatment is complete.

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