5 Gifts You Never Give An Addicted Person

During the holidays, one is asked to help others less fortunate in many different ways, including donations of food, toys, clothing, money and more.  Since men have an innate desire to help others less fortunate they may want to give a dollar to a beggar on the street in the hopes that it will help fill their belly with food.  But when you consider that the beggar you are giving money to may actually be a drug addict who will gladly starve if it allows them to feed their drug habit, you may choose not to give money to everyone who asks for it.

Refusing to give money whenever it’s asked for may cause you some guilt when you consider that the beggar you are denying money may actually be interested in buying food, but then again how much more guilt would you feel if you knew that your donation was loading his needle?  You may better serve your conscience if you give a beggar a sandwich, knowing that no matter how hard he may try, he will not be able to use the sandwich to further his drug habit.

That being said, while they are some gifts that may be considered “safe” to give a drug addict, there are definitely a few to stay away from. It should also be noted that if you are aware that someone has a drug problem, the best gift you can give them is getting them some help. 

Gifts to Say Away from for Those Addicted

1. Alcohol

This one is pretty self-explanatory and obvious, since alcohol is a drug that is easily abused, especially during the holidays.

2. Money

Giving a drug addict money is tantamount to giving them drugs, since that is usually exactly what they will use it for.

3. Expensive electronics

This is just one step removed from money, since the drug addict can sell the electronics to get money for drugs.

4. Gift cards

Selling a gift card for cash can be as simple as posting an advertisement on Craigslist, and once again provides the individual with an easy way to acquire more drugs.

5. Name brand apparel

It is very easy to sell name brand apparel, especially at discounted prices, and once again the drug addict has money with which to purchase more drugs.

Appropriate Gifts for an Addicted Person

Having addressed what not to give an addicted person, it’s important to discuss the gifts that are entirely appropriate and helpful.  If the entire purpose of giving a gift is to give something that makes the individual genuinely happier in life, you have to think about what would genuinely make a drug addict happier in life.  A simple gift would be information about addiction and how to resolve it – as provided by many online books and brochures; may of which are free of charge.  Offering or helping to pay for drug counseling or rehabilitation are also excellent gifts (as mentioned above). You must remember that the addict needs the kind of gift that helps them fight their drug addiction instead of feeding it.  While such gifts may initially seem unpopular to the drug-addicted individual, they are the most generous and loving gifts that the addict can receive.

A drug addict’s entire world revolves around drug acquisition and use.  They may go so far as to steal from family or friends or participate in prostitution in order to obtain more drugs.  However, their problems with addiction do not mean that they shouldn’t receive any gifts or help, in fact they need more help from those around them in order to successfully fight their addiction.  They need patience, tolerance, caring and dedicated help from those who care about them, which includes their generosity in selecting appropriate gifts.

Helping someone that is addicted will not only help them; but their entire family, friends and other associates who have likely been hurt by the problem.

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